The behavioral diagnostic solution
Apprehend the different views of you
A new 360° perspective, of your organization, your communities and your workers.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of individual, group and organizational change management.

Continuously improve your communication and management, Promote organizational emergence by acting locally for a global vision,

Assess the impact of change on your organization, by introducing Artificial Intelligence into your behavioral diagnoses

    The most credible solution a company can use to measure and improve its impact on :

  • Its current and future collaborators,
  • Its present and future communities,
  • Its current and future organization,

Use your experiences and psychological diagnosis as a force for change.

Diagnose your Interpersonal communication, Drivers and Management style

Model and simulate your future communities and organizations with :

  • DISC by William Moulton MARSTON, A common language that you can use to understand yourself better and to adapt with others.
  • DRIVERS by Taibi Kahler, Identify what prompts you to act, to think, to interpret, to decide.
  • Style de MANAGEMENT by Rensis Likert, Identify your management style according to the different situations.
  • B&M by Blake and Mouton, Quickly map and identify your management styles.

Model and personalize your organization with : your Communities, your Workers and your Customers.

The emerging organzations are based on our predective algorithms, 'AI, combinatorics, genetic algorithm and scoring'

Features designed for you

Easier behavioral analysis, get all the power of a custom solution for a lower cost

DISC Analysis

360° analysis of your communication and produce of an online and pdf profile report.(Dominant, Influent, Steady, Compliant)

Drivers Analysis

360° analysis of your 'Drivers' and production of an online and pdf profile report. Drivers frame and influence our values, criteria, behaviours and beliefs.(Be Perfect, Be Strong, Please Others, Try Hard, Hurry Up)

Leadership style Analysis

360° analysis of your 'Leadership Style' and production of an online and pdf profile report.(Directive, Informative, participative, Delegative)

Communities Analysis

Psychological analysis and interpretation of community behaviour in interpersonal and management situations.

Organization Analysis

A perfect structure created after we analized trends in the designs of the emergence of organizations.

AI experience

Approved and proven results in driving organizational change, using artificial intelligence as engines for learning and improving communities outcomes.

Our Plans

Metaemergence is the behavioral analysis solution you need in your business.


0 / month
0 / yearly
  • 1 DISC Profile
  • 1 DRIVERS Profile
  • 1 Management Style Profile
  • 10 Customers analyze
  • 1 Client Account
  • Organizations
  • Communities
  • Workers
  • Futures Communities
  • Futurs Workers
  • Support
  • Strategy change (AI, Scoring, …)


99 / month
900 / yearly
  • 5 Client Account
  • Unlimited DISC Profiles
  • Unlimited DRIVERS Profiles
  • Unlimited Management Style Profiles
  • Unlimited Customers analyze
  • 5 Organizations
  • 50 Communities
  • 100 Workers
  • 20 Futures Communities
  • 50 Futurs Workers
  • Support
  • Strategy change (AI, Scoring, …)

Success stories

Improve your communication by identifying your selling style and your customer's buying style.

Consulting HR Sourcing

dentify specific profiles that meet your client's psychological criteria. Improve onboarding by identifying the adaptability of your profiles to your client's organization

Manage your teams based on their degree of motivation and individual competence. Psychologically identify the best organization of your teams to achieve your desired results.

Be aware that your own values and assumptions can affect his interactions with others. Pay attention to other team members and to the how psychosocial factors can affect interactions within the team.

Help & Support

The success of your project depends on the success of the operation of your MetaEmergence solutions.

That's why our support provides the necessary and tailored support to your needs in order to increase the performance of your project and support you in the use of our solutions.



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